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Uniquely Aligned with Strong Alliances…

SqwaQ has 4 patents already issued and more pending. We’re building the global MVNO data network that empowers drones, air taxis, helicopters and other aircraft to share the same airspace. SqwaQ is the data backbone enabling integration rather than segregation of all aircraft under 5000’AGL. This will allow UAS technology to proliferate rapidly and transform dozens of industries like pipeline monitoring, power line inspections, emergency response, broadcasting, etc.

Unveiled at the AUVSI Drone Show May 1st, 2019

OEM’s and Integrators, you are our top priority. SqwaQ was overwhelmed at our unveiling with a wide array of vertical market inquiries who need our technology. We are prioritizing engagement. If you need our technology for customer opportunities, your input is valuable and we want to hear from you!

600+ Global Cell Networks

The SqwaQBox

Our patented, post card sized comms-module bonds twelve 4G LTE SIMM cards into one fat data pipe to deliver massive throughput. Multiple inputs can be scramble encrypted, prioritized and transmitted across multiple cellular networks simultaneously to maximize throughput and performance. Change networks or configuration at will.

Nationwide Coverage

A single LTE connection isn’t fast enough or reliable for high bandwidth needs. Sqwaq can provision services across one or many different networks, to deliver the best coverage for your needs. We’re building the MVNO service on which a variety of B2B and M2M customers can leverage high throughput and speed for bandwidth intensive IOT.

Experienced Team

Our founding team has decades of executive leadership experience We’ve all “been there and done that” before. Each founder was recruited for proven excellence in their respective discipline on the team and each has invested their own capital in the company, not just time.

We’re that confident.