Beyond Borders!

(Not just Beyond Line-of-Sight)

50Mbps+ from drone directly to the data destination...NATIONWIDE

Why Prioritized Bonded 4G-LTE?

SqwaQ has 4 patents already issued or pending and many more in development. We're building the global data communications network on which all drones can fly safely in the future to automate hundreds of applications. 

About Us

The SqwaqBox

Our patented, credit card sized comms-module bonds twelve 4G LTE SIMM cards into one fat data pipe to deliver massive throughput. Data for telemetry, pilot cameras and sensors is prioritized, encrypted, scrambled across all available channels and sent from air to end destination, nationwide. Sit in New York, fly a drone in Dallas and transport the data to Los Angeles, all in real time. Maximum efficiency, minimum manpower.

Nationwide Coverage

A single LTE connection isn't safe for drones. It's unreliable,  delivers limited bandwidth and has no backup. Sqwaq can provision services across one or many different networks like AT&T, Sprint and Verizon, to deliver the best coverage for your needs. We're building the network on which all commercial drones will operate with high bandwidth, safety redundancy and built-in collision detection. This will finally free commercial drones to fly tens of thousands of missions daily. 

Experienced Team

Our founding team has decades of executive leadership experience working with telecommunications, unmanned aircraft, aviation, FAA, FCC, software development and network services. We've all "been there and done that" before. Each founder was recruited for proven excellence in their respective discipline on the team and each has invested their own money in the company, not just time. 

We're that confident.


Our Patented PRIORITIZED-BONDED-LTE Technology

Satellite links cost $1800-$5,000 per hour for enough bandwidth to control a drone properly. Radio links and Wi-Fi links used today have extremely limited range of only a few miles and no redundant backup. 5G is coming around 2020 but won't work for drones because the tower antennas point down toward the ground. Testing has already shown 5G cannot serve the altitude required for even low flying drones  A single 4G LTE connection doesn't provide enough bandwidth for safe flight operations or data transfer, much less redundancy or collision warning. So SqwaQ invented the communication solution that resolves these problems and will empower commercial drones to fly tens of thousands of routine missions daily. 

Sqwaq's patented Prioritized Bonded LTE (PBL)  technology bonds up to twelve 3G or 4G LTE connections into one massive data pipe, then prioritizes and scramble encrypts all data for transmission across all available channels. This supports multiple onboard pilot view cameras, downward ventral cameras and sensors, plus real time data transmission to anywhere in the country. In addition, the SqwaqBox provides redundant comm-links, deconfliction and collision alert  in a tiny, lightweight circuit board that fits in the palm of your hand. 


The SqwaqBox doesn't just replace a drone's Wi-Fi control link. It empowers drones to do more, while working faster and cheaper. A pilot can sit in New York, pilot a drone in Miami, and transmit the sensor data anywhere in the country in real-time. It can also provide collision warning to all pilots of both drones and manned aircraft, as well as FAA and air traffic control. Oil & gas, pipeline monitoring, power line inspection, perimeter security, emergency response, disaster management, logistics and package delivery are just a few examples of industry applications. 

Strategic Partners

Recognizing our technology and IP potential, companies like Sierra Wireless,  AT&T and many other cellular companies are aligning with SqwaQ. We can provision your connectivity services globally across a variety of service options. We are also in talks with drone OEMs and other industry stakeholders to unleash the capability for drones to transform and automate dozens of industries serving hundreds of applications that do not yet even exist. If you have a unique, large scale opportunity please contact us to discuss it. 

Industry Experts Drone On

Kyle Snyder - Director, NC NextGen Air Transportation Center  "We are committed to modernizing the future of aviation transportation, including routine drone operations and digitization of the airspace. The SqwaqBox can make that future happen today.  With its ability to communicate vehicle identification, location/telemetry, intentions, and health data, as well as traffic deconfliction plans and high bandwidth video streams, the transportation environment becomes safer and more efficient through distributed, connected intelligence. More data, that is prioritized and secure, makes for better decisions."

600+ Global Cell Networks

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